The PROTECTA line was designed by one of the countries leading pool building companies.

Protect any open voids

The PROTECTA line was created to protect any open voids around a swimming pool throughout the construction process to prevent cement based materials from falling into areas where they don’t belong.

Protect your investment

By using PROTECTA, you are protecting your investment. Every year, ten’s of thousands of dollars are spent repairing unfortunate accidents, and post-construction mistakes caused by human error during a pool’s construction. PROTECTA products help take out the guess work and acts as a barrier to help prevent mistakes.

Tested for 5 years

The PROTECTA line has been tested for the last five years. By using PROTECTA, not only are you preventing mistakes, but you are cutting down on the time and cost caused by having to clean out and detail the skimmers after construction.

It only takes one time for you to jack hammer out a skimmer, auto fill a plumbing line for you to realize something is needed to protect these components.

PROTECTA saves money

Builders spend thousands of dollars a year on cleaning, repairing, and even replacing products around their pools that where left unprotected during the construction process. PROTECTA saves money by eliminating the possibility for these mistakes to occur.


  • Protect your Investment
  • Reduce Clean up Time
  • Save Money
Build it Right the First time
  • PROTECTA is always Protecting
  • No more Jack hammer
  • PROTECTA gives extra protection

By using the PROTECTA line, you are giving your business and your clients the extra protection needed to build it right the first time.