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Quik Dek-clor

Quik Dek-clor

QuikDekClor – The “End on the Line” Chlorine Feeder, That Makes Tab Dispensing Easy.

Maintenance-Free Convenience
Located Poolside

In most cases, chlorine is used to keep pool water safe and sparkling clean, but handling chlorine tabs may be a nuisance.  QuikDekClor eliminates many of the inconveniences associated with using these tabs.  No more running to your pool equipment area to feed chlorine tabs into erosion chlorine feeders, and no more replacing skimmer baskets due to putting chlorine tabs in them.  It’s simple.  It’s built right into your pool deck!  And it requires no periodic maintenance. 

Easily Adjustable To Fit You’re Needs

QuikDekClor is a chlorine feeder that is conveniently installed at the deck and delivers chlorine directly into the pool.  Special inlets engineered into the QuikDekClor canister insure even water flow around the tabs.  Because of the advanced design, you can easily adjust QuikDekClor to compensate for swimmer load and chlorine conditions.  And QuikDekClor is the best choice for pools with alternate sanitizers (like ozone) when chlorine is also needed.

Prolongs Equipment Life….. Safely

When QuikDekClor is installed at the deck, highly corrosive chlorine is no longer directed into your expensive pump, filtering and heating system.  That can save you excess wear and tear and costly replacement parts.  Bottom line, this will save you money!