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In-Floor Cleaning

Cleaning & Circulation A&A In-floor Gamma 4 - Venturi Power Water Actuated Valve QuikSkim LeafVac Gamma 3 Cleaning Head



Safety Drain

AVSC Drain

Water Purification

QuikDekClor QuikPure 3

Water Features

AquaPark Splash Pad Splash Down Living Waters AquArch Trio Deck Jet


Vacless SVRS LeafVac Quik Water Leveler Whispa Protecta



WhiSpa – The Silent Solution that allows you to heat your spa and reduce noise more efficiently.

Silence Is Golden
A spa should be a place to relax and unwind, where the therapy jets help soothe aching, and tired muscles at the end of a long day.   But the therapy can make more noise that necessary, making it harder to relax.  Air intake lines and individual spa muffler devices can reduce the noise, but will usually not allow the spa to heat through the therapy jets.  Additionally heating is more expensive.

So Simple, So Effective
The WhiSpa muffling device has an easily removable rubber cap that shuts off the air flow, enabling efficient heating of the spa.  Then, once the desired temperature is reached, simply remove the cap, allowing air in and keeping the noise out.  The WhiSpa is placed next to the pool and spa flush mounted with the deck and conveniently located for easy removal of the lid for access to the cap.  No unsightly devices, multiple mufflers or long flooded air intake lines

WhiSpa Benefits